Coronavirus - ‘The Making of Us'

Stu & Neil
Associate Creative Directors

Tell your Mum you love her.
Your Dad. Your sister or brother or friend.
Stay away when you should be staying away,
but do tell them…

Every. Single. Day.
Because they need it.

And they’ll say it back. And you need that.
Because face it, we’re all scared.

We’re all losing it over what we could lose.
Or even worse, who.

But you know something? None of this is new.

Think about it.
There’s a whole generation that have been here before
And while their new normal involved a different kind of war
They worked out what to do.

And we will too.

From their fight we gained our NHS.

They were not a different breed
It was the need to change that made them.

And this can be the making of us.

It’s time to look up
To embrace our new reality
To be there for the old and lonely.

To talk.
Over the phone, over a fence.
To be a better you.

Sign up to do something for those who can’t do it themselves
While you’ve got nothing better to do.

This can be the making of us.

And while you’re still being begged to stay indoors, you are not stuck
You are safe.

Not hiding from the chance of dying
But taking the chance to save some lives.

And the chance to spend time with family you don’t see enough.
A chance to take the rough and make some smooth.
Make amends. Build bridges. Build a den!

When you’re at home
You can still fight the fight.

Get up
Get dressed
Be the best in any little way you choose.

This can be the making of us.

If you can work from your home, work
Prove your worth, log in
And keep the economy moving.

If you’re bored
Watch a film
Make a film
Pretend this is a film.

Just promise you’ll see it through.

This can be the making of us.

Think of the times you’ve needed our NHS
The NHS we looked like losing.
This is not just their test
It’s our test too.

Stay at home for them

This can be the making of us.
The making of you.

©Stu Woodall and Neil Matthews 2020.