Report: Is health everyone’s business now?

What our changed priorities and new habits mean for health and wellbeing.

Chris Shadrick
Head of Strategy, Collective

This report is built around a desire for brands to pivot (not reinvent) their strategy, so they can better serve consumer needs and continue to keep customers engaged, even in the most challenging times.

Reframing your messaging can be an effective way to continue communicating with customers and stay relevant, even in the toughest of times.

But we’re not just talking about COVID-19 here, we want to help brands focus on how they become positive motivators to enable people to stick with the good habits they’ve adopted during lockdown.

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    So, what are some of the top line insights that came out of our research?

    1. 75% of consumers have started a new activity in the last six weeks to improve their health and wellbeing

    2.  Amazingly, 88% said they were highly likely to continue this new habit beyond lockdown and into the future

    3. Unsurprisingly there has been significant growth for the health and wellness sector, particularly for nutrition and mindfulness brands (Spatone, Berocca, Headspace, Calm etc) as we continue to focus on our physical and mental wellbeing

    4. Activity / how to based content i.e “How to cut your own hair” has seen a 300% increase in Google searches (good luck!)

    5. From an advertising perspective, 83% of people we spoke to said they’re open to seeing advertising from brands as it helps to provide an element of normality


    Chris is a Strategist who is interested in people and their behaviours. He heads up strategy at Collective and is currently undertaking Seth Godin’s altMBA, whilst also learning Norwegian because he may be a little bit in love with Norway.